Anticipated Benny items available for on-demand viewing/listening on 2/16 at
the Museum of Television and Radio

A Love Letter to Jack Benny 2/5/1981
A Tribute to Jack Benny - CBS 12/29/1974
NBC News Special Report:  Jack Benny:  We Remember 12/27/1974
The Great Radio Comedians 5/11/1972
Canada Dry Ginger Ale Program 5/2/1932
Jack Benny's Tribute to Carole Lombard 1/11/1943
Other Appearances
Carnegie Hall Salutes Jack Benny 7/31/1962
General Electric Theatre:  The Face Is Familiar 11/21/1954
Here's Lucy:  Jack Benny's Biography 11/23/1970
Make Room for Daddy:  That Old Devil, Jack Benny 1960
Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar Question 10/8/1957
Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour 2/19/1967
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 1/22/1953
This is Your Life:  Phil Harris 9/25/1957
What's My Line - Jack Benny mystery guest 2/8/1953
Shower of Stars 1/10/1957
Shower of Stars 5/9/1957
Shower of Stars:  Betty Grable, John Raitt 4/17/1958
The Jack Benny Hour:  Elke Sommer, Bob Hope, Beach Boys 11/3/1965
Jack Benny's Carnival Nights 3/20/1968
Jack Benny's Bag 11/16/1968
Jack Benny's Birthday Party 2/17/1969
Jack Benny's New Look 12/3/1969
Jack Benny's 20th TV Anniversary Special 11/16/1970
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Jack Benny - But Were Afraid To Ask 3/10/1971
Jack Benny's First Farewell Special 1/18/1973
Jack Benny's Second Farewell Special 1/24/1974
Jack Benny Television Programs
JBP:  Faye Emerson, Frank Sinatra 1/28/1951
JBP:  Barbara Stanwyk, "Gaslight" 1/27/1952
JBP:  Jack stands in for Gracie Allen 3/9/1952
JBP:  Dinah Shore, Buck Benny Rides Again 11/2/1952
JBP:  Fred Allen 4/19/1953
JBP:  Liberace 1/17/1954
JBP:  Reprise of Jack as Gracie 4/11/1954
JBP:  Groucho Marx, You Bet Your Life parody 4/3/1955
JBP:  Dinner at Don's, Your Money Or Your Life 1/15/1956
JBP:  Ginger Rogers 11/3/1957
JBP:  The Honeymooners 1/26/1958
JBP:  Jack competes with Gisele MacKenzie 2/23/1958
JBP:  Harry Truman 10/18/1959
JBP:  Mike Wallace, Night Beat parody 10/16/1960
JBP:  John Wayne, Frank Fontaine, Jaye P. Morgan 11/20/1960
JBP:  Jack goes to the grocery store 1/22/1961
JBP:  Dedication of Jack Benny Junior High School 10/22/1961
JBP:  Rock Hudson, Hugh Downs, Tonight Show parody 2/18/1962
JBP:  Carol Burnett, Tarzan 11/13/1962
JBP:  Marquis Chimps, NBC return 9/25/1964
JBP:  Gisele MacKenzie, Christmas Show 12/25/1964
JBP:  Johnny Carson 10/22/63 or 11/20/55
JBP:  Isaac Stern 4/20/52 or 11/6/55