A Day in Waukegan - May 31, 2005

11:00 AM - Unveiling of Florence Fenchel's gravestone

Florence's stone covered before the unveiling

Laura Leff discusses the service with Rabbi Ze'ev Harari as Am Echod elders look on

Rabbi Harari unveils Florence's gravestone

Rabbi Harari and the attendees recite the 23rd Psalm

Florence's new stone

1:00 PM - Planting of the Jack Benny Tree at the Jack Benny Center for the Arts

The tree awaits
L to R:  David Motley, Mayor Richard Hyde, Chuck Wilms (Senator Links' office)

Laura Leff tells the story of the first Jack Benny tree

Greg Petry (far left), Executive Director of the Waukegan Parks District, says a few words
L to R:  Waukegan News-Sun Dan Moran's note book, Greg Petry, Ray Vukovich, David Motley, Mike Trigg (Superintendent of Parks), unidentified Park Worker in green hat, Chuck Wilms, Mayor Richard Hyde

Mayor Richard Hyde says a few words (Chuck Wilms at left)

Jack Benny Center people and Jack Benny fans look on

The tree is planted!

Laura Leff happily helps plant the tree as David Motley looks on

May this tree live for centuries, and may people laugh at Jack Benny's humor just as long.