Waukegan Statue Celebration CD Available


Long-time IJBFC member Charlie Willer is continuing his brave battle with cancer.  He has been given 6-12 months to live, but is still doing his best to beat this thing!  Here's how you can help...

A fully remastered CD of the Waukegan Statue Celebration and Not Ready for Sunday at Seven Players recreation is now available!  

By purchasing this CD, you support two causes.  Charlie is selling these CDs to raise money for his fight with cancer, as he has no insurance.  Additionally, Charlie has volunteered that for every CD sold, he will donate $5 to the IJBFC.  Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Some notes from Charlie himself:

Waukegan 2002 Benefit CD now available!

Thanks to the delays caused by a computer that rolled over and played dead when told to run with Windows XP Pro, it has taken many months to finish the final edit and remix of the June 2002 Jack Benny Show re-creation by the IJBFC cast headed up by Eddie Carroll as Jack Benny!

I spent about 30 hours re-tweaking this recording using Sonic Foundy Sound Forge, fixing performance flubs (but leaving in the biggest flub of all... you'll hear it if you buy the CD and you REMEMBER it if you were in Waukegan that day!) and corrrecting all possible audio level problems, even going as far as corrrecting dialogue mic levels and sound effect mixes.

The final chore was to turn the 2-track "split track" back into a real mono radio show, the way you would have heard it coming out of your Philco or Zenith.  It was this final step that got stagnated for over 6 months while our computer refused to run all the software it ran so well before we installed Windows XP Pro.  To this day I still cannot make audio CD's in that machine, even with the new XP-Compatible Roxio software!  It writes the TOC and then the whole thing freezes up, requiring a power-down reboot and ScanDisc! Sheesh!

What you get is the full Chuck Shaden WDCB intro, an acoustical excerpt of the hilarious Jack Benny Happy Birthday Singing Telegram bit, and all the warmups by Laura Leff and Eddie Carroll.  You also get a rare glimpse at Eddie's OTHER acting job as Jiminy Cricket and a hilarious Jack Benny excerpt from Rowan and Martin's "Laugh-In".

P.S. A little sidebar story: Charlie is also a composer and one of his original pieces for piano and cello has been selected by an orchestra in Louisiana to be debuted next May!  Unfortunately, Charlie is battling Multiple Myeloma Cancer, so this CD is also a benefit to help pay his hospital bills... he had no medical insurance to cover this sudden cancer "surprise".  Thanks for considering the purchase of this JB CD and if you wish, CD's are also available of Charlie's piano and cello music. Please inquire by e-mail.  I am considering making a short mp3 sampler I can e-mail!