IJBFC Chat - June 3, 2018

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Laura Leibowitz 5:01 PM
Hi Tom…how are you doing this evening?

Tom Vorce 5:01 PM
Hi Laura. I’m fine. How are you?

Garth Johnson 5:01 PM

Laura Leibowitz 5:02 PM
Nicely done…

R.Hookie 5:02 PM
Hello folks!

Tom Vorce 5:02 PM
That’s cool, Garth!

Laura Leibowitz 5:02 PM
Hi Hookie!

Garth Johnson 5:03 PM

R.Hookie 5:03 PM

Laura Leibowitz 5:03 PM
Never heard of him.

Tom Vorce 5:03 PM

Laura Leibowitz 5:04 PM
So how’s everyone doing this evening?
Hi Mitch!

M. Mitchell Marmel 5:04 PM
Jell-O again! 

R.Hookie 5:04 PM
Well, fine…
… well and fine

Laura Leibowitz 5:05 PM
We’re having a warm spell here this weekend…in the high 80s.

Garth Johnson 5:06 PM
About how I feel today

Laura Leibowitz 5:06 PM
Name the show that image is from…

R.Hookie 5:07 PM
We’ve been warm here too
Too easy

M. Mitchell Marmel 5:07 PM

Garth Johnson 5:07 PM
I’ll pass that on to Joan to answer

Laura Leibowitz 5:07 PM
OK, I wondered.

Tom Vorce 5:07 PM
Yep, me today. It’s pushin' 90 degrees today.

Laura Leibowitz 5:07 PM
Garth - Again, well played.
Dang…'tis all across the country apparently.
OK, let me post a quick “chat time” on the facebook page and we’ll get started with the show…

Garth Johnson 5:08 PM
The source of today images 

R.Hookie 5:08 PM

Laura Leibowitz 5:09 PM
Aha…I wondered if that was the source. I remember when that page first went up. It’s well done.

Steve Archer 5:09 PM
Hey all

Laura Leibowitz 5:09 PM
Hey Steve, long time no see!
Hi there Matt, welcome in.

Steve Archer 5:09 PM

R.Hookie 5:09 PM
Hi Steve

Steve Archer 5:09 PM
Hiya Hookie

Laura Leibowitz 5:10 PM
OK, we’ve got a good solid show for tonight, so let’s get to it. Afterwards, we’ll come back to this chat room and discuss it.
Anyone joining the room while the show is in progress, please go to the above link.

Matt Votisek 5:11 PM
Hi Everybody. My name is Matt and I am new here.

Kathy Fuller Seeley 5:16 PM
whoops, sorry to be late, and Hello to Matt

Michael Amowitz 6:07 PM
They finally sent me the new password... Jello, folks!
Catching up on the show now

Laura Leibowitz 6:09 PM
Hey hey…welcome, Mike!

M. Mitchell Marmel 6:09 PM
And we’re back!

Matt Votisek 6:09 PM
Wow. That was way better than the movie!

Tom Vorce 6:09 PM
That was very well done. 

R.Hookie 6:09 PM
Hi again folks~!

Laura Leibowitz 6:09 PM
Sure was!

Kathy Fuller Seeley 6:09 PM
what a great TV show! thanks for sharing, and yes it was better than the movie

M. Mitchell Marmel 6:09 PM
Had a hectic day today playing Billy Bones and doing Foley for our audio theater production of “Treasure Island”:.

Laura Leibowitz 6:09 PM
I think also having done it on Ford Theatre, that improved it and then it improved again under Wedlock and Snyder for Omnibus.
Mitch - How fun!
So what specifically made it better than the movie?
For me, the less physical comedy for Jack, the better.

M. Mitchell Marmel 6:10 PM
Yeah, but tiring. Think I’m gonna call it an evening. 

Kathy Fuller Seeley 6:10 PM
a great idea, that sometimes a story improves from multiple editing and cutting-down choices, it was meant to be a 55 minute story

Laura Leibowitz 6:10 PM
Seeing him swimming in a coffee cup is not his cup of tea

Matt Votisek 6:10 PM
I just think the story was tighter.

Steve Archer 6:10 PM
Faster pace, Audience.

M. Mitchell Marmel 6:11 PM
See y’all next time! 

Laura Leibowitz 6:11 PM
Audience absolutely.

Steve Archer 6:11 PM
It played more like a Benny show skit than the movie.

R.Hookie 6:11 PM
You didn’t like Jack getting dunked in coffee?

Matt Votisek 6:11 PM
Thx everybody!

Kathy Fuller Seeley 6:11 PM
the only thing missing from the film version is the WWII refugees

Laura Leibowitz 6:11 PM
I just tend to cringe most times Jack gets a laugh with some physical bit of business.

M. Mitchell Marmel 6:12 PM

Laura Leibowitz 6:12 PM
Also better not having the girl trying to commit suicide.
Night, Mitch!

Kathy Fuller Seeley 6:12 PM
good night all from Rexall, and Laura I will talk to you soon! OH YEAH about the suicide girl!

Laura Leibowitz 6:13 PM
Kathy - Sounds good. Glad you could join us! 

Steve Archer 6:13 PM
Yeah, it’s a little lighter without trying to inject “dramatic moments” that sink a lot of feature-length comedies.

Laura Leibowitz 6:13 PM
BTW…I’m still open to chatting about the show if anyone has anything they’d like to say.
And any requests for next month?
Archer - Excellent point.

Steve Archer 6:14 PM
No special requests here, I’ll just try to make the chat!

Laura Leibowitz 6:14 PM
That would be great. You have been missed.
We’ll do failed Jell-O flavors if you are able to make it… 

R.Hookie 6:15 PM
How about another “hour-show” since a special is coffee ….

Laura Leibowitz 6:15 PM
OK…I’ll see what I’ve got in that length

Steve Archer 6:15 PM
Haha. Just have goofy work schedule and weird things interfering. Will try to improve attendance.

Laura Leibowitz 6:15 PM
Or we can screen “Medicine Man” and boo-hiss at it…

James Semmelroth Darnell 6:15 PM
One of the ‘specials' would be fun

R.Hookie 6:16 PM
That might be fun

Laura Leibowitz 6:16 PM
Could do that…

R.Hookie 6:16 PM
Or Meanest Man?

Laura Leibowitz 6:16 PM
Jack Benny’s New Look is a perpetual fave of mine…

Steve Archer 6:16 PM
All options sound good to me. Night all!

R.Hookie 6:16 PM
Good night Steve

Laura Leibowitz 6:16 PM
OK, sounds good. Thanks for stopping, and see you next month!
Good night John Boy

R.Hookie 6:17 PM
Good night folks!

Tom Vorce 6:17 PM
Those all sound good to me. Goodnight folks!

James Semmelroth Darnell 6:18 PM
Goodnight Joanie!