Back Issue BLOWOUT

In going through my Benny file reorganization, I have found a good number of past Jack Benny Times issues that would do more good in your hands than in my files. So...the issues below are available for $2.50 each, or all remaining issues for $5 (while supplies last). Since inventory is low on some of them, let me know at least one alternate issue in case someone else snags the remainder before you do.  If you want to order the grab bag and want to ensure that any particular issue is included, let me know. 

PayPal members ( may submit payment via credit card to account:  Make checks payable to IJBFC, and send to:

IJBFC - Back Issues
P.O. Box 11288
Piedmont, CA 94611

There are several regular elements of the newsletter, which will be abbreviated as follows:

Date Articles
May-August 2006 The Jack Benny Stamp Campaign (39 Man March), What's Up in Waukegan, The Longest Laugh, part 1 of an interview with Dix Davis (Belly Laugh Barton), PM, NM, TTP, DYK, YDK
May-August 2008 Kay Linaker obit, IJBFC London gathering, Gas Light case, Amusement Enterprises case, PM, NM, EC, YDK, TTP, JBC
September-December 2012 Irving Fein and Al Gordon obits, Jack's private story to Babe Marks, PM, NM, JBPC, DYK, YDK