Back Issue BLOWOUT

I have been rather remiss in not including the current series of Jack Benny Times on our back issues list.  So here they are!  Each one is 20 pages of Jack Benny information, trivia, photos, and interviews.

For a limited-time, each issue listed below will be available for $3.50 apiece, or any three issues for $10.  And don't forget our bound back issues from 1984 to 1995, over 500 pages, available for $45!

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There are several regular elements of the newsletter, which will be abbreviated as follows:

Date Articles
October 2000 - January 2001 PM, Tape Library Reopened, Waukegan's Jack Benny Statue, DYK, TTP, Jack Benny Search-a-Word, ETC, Laura Leff interview with Eddie Carroll (exclusive, partial), Laura Leff interview with Fred deCordova (exclusive, complete)
February - May 2001 PM, NM, TTL, Waukegan's Jack Benny Statue Update, Kenny Baker..."Gee, It's a Thrill", Jack and Groucho, DYK, YDK, TTL, ETC, JBC, OC, Laura Leff interview with Larry Adler (exclusive, complete)
June - September 2001* PM, NM, Waukegan's Jack Benny Statue Schedule, In Memoriam:  Hal Goldman and Russell Saunders, Back Issue Bound Edition, JBPC, Who Wants to Visit Jack Benny's Vault? (trivia challenge), Jack Benny:  A Man With a Heart (member's speech on JB), TTP, Jack and the Smuggling Case, DYK, YDK, ETC, JBC, Laura Leff interview with Frank Nelson (exclusive, partial)
January - April 2002* PM, NM, Waukegan's Jack Benny Statue Update, In Memoriam:  Larry Adler, Fred deCordova, Isaac Stern, and Ralph Levy; YDK, Laura Leff interview with Isaac Stern (exclusive, complete), Benny and Stern:  The Papers (correspondence between Jack and Isaac)
May - August 2002 PM, NM, Waukegan's Jack Benny Statue Celebration (revised schedule), The Start of the Benny-Allen Feud, Bea Benaderet, DYK, YDK, ETC, JBC, Jack Benny Talks About Comedy (Larry Wilde interview from his book Great Comedians Talk About Comedy)
September - December 2002 WAUKEGAN STATUE ISSUE - PM, NM, Waukegan Diary, Waukegan Memorabilia, EC, Waukegan Memories (interviews with people in and around Waukegan who knew Jack), 39 Forever Celebration, Congratulations to Bobby and Joanna, JBPC, TTL, The Review of the Revue (reprint of November 1918 article discussing show featuring Jack in his first comedy role)
January - April 2003 PM, NM, 39 Forever schedule, What's Up in Waukegan, TTP, The Regulars (trivia about people in recurring roles on the show), Jack On Stage; Jack Benny, Musical Interludes, and Minstrels; DYK, YDK, JBC
May - August 2003 39 FOREVER ISSUE - PM, NM, Backstage at 39 Forever, Answers and Thank Yous, 39 Forever T-Shirts and Memorabilia, EC, And more thank yous, TTP, DYK, YDK, JBC
September - December 2003 PM, NM, The Big Benny Deal, In Memoriam:  Bob Hope, Bob Blumofe, Gregory Peck, Robert Stack;  EC, JBPC, TTL, TTP, Is Nothing Sacred? (Apparently Not!) (Mary in Tijuana Bible), DYK, YDK, ETC, JBC

* Date jump to get issues to coincide with calendar year