Important Update

August 12, 2005

Hello all...I just got home from four days in the hospital and some very major and unexpected surgery.  I'm going to be okay and I'm very, very lucky.  But I will be in recuperation for the next six to eight weeks, and I'm on some pretty strong pain medication right now.

Please be aware that any E-mails, library orders, etc. may take a while in light of this surprise development.  I will try to stay on top of things as much as possible, but my health must come first.  I am sure that you will understand.  There is a prayer in Jewish practice called a "Mi sheberach" which prays for a "refuah shlema" (complete recovery) for those in need.  If anyone would like to include me in your prayers right now, it would be most welcome.  If you want to say a formal Mi sheberach for me, my Hebrew name is D'vora bat Avraham v'Sarah.

Thank you again for your understanding, and here's looking forward to me being at 100% again in the near future.  I am sure that Jack's humor will play a part in my recovery.

--Laura Leff

September 4, 2005

Hello again, folks...

Many, many thanks to everyone for their well wishes, cards, and good thoughts.  I'm healing very well, and have also been able to do the latest Jack Benny Times and all the audio/video orders, book orders, etc. over the last month. So I'm much closer to being 100% and am improving each day.  I have also been taking some of this "chair bound" time to work on the next volume of 39 Forever and am making good progress.  Again, many thanks to everyone who has been so supportive and patient during this time of healing.