Jack in Casablanca Revisited

Where Jack is in the movie classic Casablanca has been a hotly-debated issue since the IJBFC uncovered that fact some years ago.  The Casablanca press book confirms the assertion, noting that Jack was visiting the set and decided to be an uncredited extra.

1/14/10:  Anthony Tollin talked with Joan, and they came up with some ideas on who might be Jack.  Look for the waiter in the background:



And Mark Evanier has had several posts on this topic:

1/10/10:  Here's a link to Mark Evanier's analysis:  http://www.newsfromme.com/archives/2010_01_10.html#018340 

1/9/10:  Kevin Segura provided this screen grab, since there are a number of people who feel that the man pointed out below is not Jack.  He says Jack is the man in the fez and moustache right behind Sam.  What do you think?

I have known many people (including myself) who have challenged our VCRs, scanning and replaying every scene with an extra while looking for Jack.  Almost everyone (including myself) comes up with the same figure in an early crowd scene (search the old Forum for a very extensive discussion of this).  Bboswell of the IJBFC Forum has taken the time to capture a few screen shots and highlight the figure believed to be Jack.  The third and fourth pictures probably show the greatest resemblance, and the general movement and gestures of this person also make him look more like Jack.  For reference, here's a portrait of Jack taken around the time of Casablanca filming:

(As bboswell says, "tear and compare".)