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"I just received the "39 forever" Vol 1 (Jack Benny from May 1932 - May 1942) from Laura Leff.  The cost is $40 (go to <>) for details.  It has 532 pages and has complete descriptions of every program during these 10 years.  It has just about every index you can imagine including Cast; city; guest Star; Music - vocalist; skits; songs; notable happenings and firsts.  As one of the first to put out a Jack Benny log years ago, I heartily recommend this.  Laura has done a monumental job."
-- Jay Hickerson, Friends of Old Time Radio and Hello Again

"Laura, we are extremely proud of the work you have done on the new book.  It is a marvelous piece of work on Jack's history and we love all the special insights that you added and the mistakes that weren't really goofs, or the goofs that were kept in the show.  You were a magician putting this together!  What a terrific gift you have given all of us that love Jack Benny and his comedy that still holds up today. Kudos to you and to your writing, WELLLL done!!!"
--Eddie Caroll, "Jack Benny:  Laughter in Bloom"

"I just received 39 Forever second ed yesterday, and I must say that you do superlative research work.  Nothing 'Benny' has been published in years, and your exceeds all possible expectations with your thoroughness, attention to detail, and obvious love of everything connected to Jack Benny."
-- Brad Vereen

"The book was a real revelation as I have (honest) heard very little from the pre-Grape Nuts days; I will likely get around to ordering tapes to sample things. Fascinating to finally see a little closer how the show evolved in the early days. Excellent research; terrific book for anyone interested in old radio."
-- Ed Howell

"I just received the 39 Forever, Second Edition. This is a monumental work and you deserve a 'well done!' pat on the back. It is the most complete book/log of Jack Benny shows I have ever seen. Please let me know when volume 2 is ready and I will send a check. It's well worth the price."
-- Chuck Huck

"Just a quick note to tell you that I've been enjoying the book.  Thank you so much for all your effort. This is something I'm sure I'll be referring to for many years to come."
-- Patrick Adkins

"I just wanted to complement you on your 39 Forever book.  It's a monumental work, really far more than I expected it to be.  I know it will be of great use to both myself and other fans and collectors of Jack's radio work.  I'll be looking forward to future volumes."
-- Steve Lewis

"Just received 39 Forever. What a wonderful book! Don't know how you did it or where the time came from. You must have a loving husband. I'll consult it before playing a show now."
-- Alan Grossman

"A fantastic, informative read about Jack Benny and a tremendous accomplishment on the part of the author."
-- Pat Olean

"Fantastic book! My kitchen table doesn't wobble any more! Thanks!"
-- Kurt Jensen

"I received my copy of 39 Forever and could not believe my eyes.  If any log deserves the word 'Ultimate' this is it.  I have seen many fine logs of radio shows, but nothing approaches this.  Congratulations on a magnificent job."
-- Jack Sobel

"My copy of "39 Forever" just arrived this morning, and I'm absolutely delighted with it.  Thank you for all your excellent research work.  When Volume 2's completed it will certainly rival published radio reference books like Lux Presents Hollywood."
-- Keith Scott, Australia

"I'm floored at the amount of work you've put in.  Wonderful, wonderful job on the book!  Many thanks for all your effort."
-- Bradley Strickland

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