Why has the Web site been down so much recently?

I was asking my hosting company the same question.  Our site is hosted on servers in Florida, and you may have heard that they've had their fair share of bad weather this year.  Their systems have been quite good and kept things alive through flood and power outage.  However, Hurricane Wilma had her way with Verio (my hosting company) and caused some power failures during the week of October 27th.  So that's what's been up with the Web site being down.

Verio has been exceptional on uptime since this Web site went up in 2000, with nearly 100% availability.  So this is definitely the exception.

Many good wishes to members who have been weathering the various storms and floods this year in the South, New Hampshire, and other parts of the country that have been enduring bad weather.  Be strong, and hopefully the IJBFC helps you keep laughing!