Re: Longest Sustained Laugh in Radio History?

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Posted ByGerry O. on January 17, 2003 at 19:29:27:

In Reply to: Re: Longest Sustained Laugh in Radio History? posted byMichael on January 16, 2003 at 23:08:01:

: : Hello fellow Benny-lovers!

: : As many of you may know, a story has been circulating for many years (and is included in Jack's autobiography) that the famous "Your money or your life" joke generated the longest laugh in radio history.

: : I have found one of the radio shows that includes this joke (can't remember date right now) but the laugh, while hearty, is no longer than many other Benny audience laughs. In the next show the joke is resprised, again to good but not historical laughter.

: : Does anyone know how this story started and if there really is a very long laugh in some other (even TV) show?

: : Or is this story just one of those things that got better and better in the retelling?

: :
: : Thanks,

: : Lance Moody

: I have been wondering about this myself... As for long laughs... so far the longest laugh in any of Jack's Radio shows seems to be during the 4-24-38 show (Snow White & the 7 Gangsters "Oh see the pretty Bird, Hello Bird! [raspberry]) the audience laughed nonstop for 33 seconds (yes I timed it). As for TV laughs the longest one I have heard was during an appearance by Bob Hope. Bob "Stole" Jack's Pants... and Jack had to come out on the stage in Don Wilson's Pants (If you haven't seen it... use your imagination :) )

Yes, I have always thought that the 4/24/38 "Snow White" show had a longer and louder laugh than "Your Money Or Your Life" did. In fact, the "Money Or Your Life" line, while very funny, didn't really send the studio audience into WILD least not like "Snow White"'s raspberry sound effect did! (I LOVE hearing Don Wilson completely LOSE IT during that audience laugh...There's no mistaking Don's hearty laugh!).

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