Re: Longest Sustained Laugh in Radio History?

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Posted Byjerry allen on January 22, 2003 at 06:56:34:

In Reply to: Re: Longest Sustained Laugh in Radio History? posted byMichael on January 19, 2003 at 15:46:30:

: : : : : Or is this story just one of those things that got better and better in the retelling?

: : : Yes, I have always thought that the 4/24/38 "Snow White" show had a longer and louder laugh than "Your Money Or Your Life" did. In fact, the "Money Or Your Life" line, while very funny, didn't really send the studio audience into WILD least not like "Snow White"'s raspberry sound effect did! (I LOVE hearing Don Wilson completely LOSE IT during that audience laugh...There's no mistaking Don's hearty laugh!).
: : ========================
: : The two "longest laugh" stories that are often told (besides "Your money or your life") are Jack's maintaining the Mary's "Oh shut up" line during Dorothy Kirsten's performance, and Frank Nelson's "Drear Pooson" line. These stories are pretty well-known, so I'm going to let someone else enjoy telling the details...

: I've heard the "Drear Pooson" Line... and to me the laugh didn't seem as long as the "Hello Bird" Line. (Am wondering if there was a certain amount of shock value that kept the laugh going as long as it did?) As for the "Oh Shut Up" bit... when was that done? I've heard Jack talk about it... but I've never heard the actual show

:: Drear Pooson came about because of Don Wilson mistakenly referring to Drew Pearson as "Drear Pooson" live on the air. it's been said that Jack went wild with hysterics...even going so far as to fall to the ground laughing. Frank Nelson was to be in a skit and the writers grabbed him aside and told him that they were changing his lines (Jack had no idea about this). And so, an unsuspecting Jack "strolls" over to Frank and asks him if he was the floorwalker. Frank says something like "well, who do you think i am with this carnation? Drear Pooson??" in typical Nelson fashion, he stretched out the words to make it sound like "drearrrrr pooooosssoooonnnn??" i don't have it on tape but i heard the episode on "When Radio Was" a few years ago.

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