Jack's TV Closing Theme

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Posted ByGerry O. on March 19, 2003 at 07:05:58:

In Reply to: Re: What's the Story with Jefferson Fox? posted byJanet on March 19, 2003 at 02:36:57:

Whether it's called "Jefferson Fox, I Love You" or "J and M Stomp", I LOVE that closing music!
It's such a catchy tune, and it's always played so lively.

The earliest Benny TV shows (which were live kinescopes) used the Lucky Strike "Be Happy, Go Lucky" tune as it's closing theme music, but after a couple of seasons the "Jefferson Fox/J and M Stomp" tune was used.

It's funny, but when I receive a new video of a Benny TV show that I've never seen before, if the closing theme is the early "Be Happy, Go Lucky" theme, I feel disappointed....even if the program itself was a GREAT show!

A thought on the tune's title:

At various times during the Benny radio show (usually during the late "Jell-O", early "Grape-Nuts Flakes" era), the "opening commercial" orchestra number would be a tune composed by the orchestra's arranger Mahlon Merrick. (Even though Phil Harris was still "fronting" the orchestra, by this time Mahlon was doing most of the behind-the-scenes musical work on the show).
Many of these songs were given makeshift titles...some of which I think were given strictly for "laugh" purposes. I often hear familiar tunes which were later known as something else...but when Don Wilson announces them on the show, he gives them silly-sounding titles like "The Vine Street Viggle", "Goodbye Broadway, Hello Figaroa Street", etc....and usually when he says the title, there's a big "inside" laugh from the orchestra members (and possibly cast members).
The "closing theme" tune could have been called "Jefferson Fox, I Love You" for that one-shot Benny "Grape-Nuts Flakes" radio show, but when the tune was selected as Jack's permanent TV closing theme song, the title could have been changed to the more sensible "J and M Stomp".

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