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Posted ByLL on April 12, 2003 at 21:53:13:

In Reply to: Rochester and Jack posted byGerry O. on April 12, 2003 at 06:57:36:

: Something nice to remember about Eddie "Rochester" Anderson....After scoring such a big hit in the "Cabin In The Sky" film, he COULD have gotten a swelled head and said, "Now I'm too big a star to be on the Benny program. I should leave that show and concentrate on my film career!". Heaven knows that that has been the attitude of many present-day stars.

True, although I think opportunities were more limited for African American actors in those days. Eddie starred in "Cabin in the Sky" (an all-black movie, if I recall correctly) and was also in "Green Pastures" (an all-black rendering of Bible Stories). But how many movies of that era had a black person in a lead role? "Song of the South", "Show Boat", "Stormy Weather"...well, hm. I don't think it was until Sidney Poitier came along that you had too many lead roles.

: he always remained loyal to Jack...which could have had something to do with Jack being loyal to HIM in later years, and hiring Eddie to appear on later Benny TV specials, even though Eddie had suffered a sever stroke which resulted in him having impaired speech and delivery.

True, although Jack also continued to employ Harry Conn who was a real jerk to Jack in his departure, leaving town and giving Jack no script for the following week. Not to mention Conn's wife's famous comment on Mary's new fur: "My husband's brains paid for that coat!" But Conn couldn't seem to work with anyone else and eventually ended up being a doorman, so Jack may have felt sorry for him.

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