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Posted ByGerry O. on June 08, 2003 at 10:17:42:

In Reply to: Nope. That was the real Babe posted bykurt on June 07, 2003 at 19:10:33:

: Babe Marks played herself on the program.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Babe was played by radio actress Betty Garde. (She's the actress who played the part of Thelma the tough maid on the episode of TV's "The Honeymooners" where Alice goes to work and hires a maid).

There's also a radio episode from around that same time where Jack and the cast do a spoof of "Sunset Boulevard" and Betty plays the "Norma Desmond" part....and Joe is right...she DOES sound JUST like Bea Arthur! (In fact, I thought that it might have been Bea when I first heard the show).

Actually, if they had ever brought the character of Babe Livingston to Jack's TV show, a young Bea Arthur would have been PERFECT for the role....she had that deep voice and she would have towered over Jack, looking as if she could flatten him any minute!

I still remember that Bob Hope TV special from the late 1970's or 80's where Bob was on stage trying to do a monologue, and guest Bea Arthur would stroll out on stage.....She'd walk in front of Hope, heading for the opposite end of the stage. Hope would stop talking, and Bea would just stand there in complete silence, her hand on her hip, staring him up and down with a deadpan, sort of disgusted expression on her face....then she would turn and continue walking off stage without saying a word.
It may not sound funny here, but it was HILARIOUS to watch!

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