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Posted Byjerry4opry on July 25, 2003 at 22:53:11:

In Reply to: Re: Frank Nelson's Funniest Episode. posted byGerry O. on July 13, 2003 at 20:05:51:

: : Hi,
: : I have always loved Frank Nelson. My favorite Jack Benny episode featuring Frank is when they are at the train station. When jack goes to Frank "are you the ticket taker" and Frank replies in his most sarcastic "if I'm not I made $2000 today". Then at the end after the winning # is drawn Frank tells Jack "Wellllll, you won the turkey is my favorite of all. I even do my Frank Nelson voice with that line. Does anyone else have a Frank moment to share. Yesssssssssssssssssssss or no,let us know.
: : Phil

: One of my favorite "Frank Nelson" moments happened in a "Railroad Station" show from 1955. Frank was playing the guy at the ticket counter (naturally). Jack wasn't sure which track gate to go to, so he asked Frank, "Pardon me, but I don't know where my train is....Could you tell me where to go?"
: After a short pause, the studio audience "got it" and started laughing loudly. After that first round of audience laughter died down, Frank asked "WHAT did you say?", which caused the audience to laugh even louder. Then Jack said, "I said 'Could you tell me where to go?", and Frank (trying to fight back laughter) shot back with "You ask me that again and I might let you have it!"....The studio audience ROARED at that one!

: i've read about the famous "Drear Poosan" episode in which it's said that Jack was unaware that Frank was going to respond like that...he was suppose to sarcastically tell Jack- "well, who do you think i am...Nelson Eddy?" but when Don messed up Drew Pearson's name on air, the writers changed Frank's greeting and said "who do you think i am...Drear Poooooosannnn???" and the audience went crazy...
i wish i had that episode but where i buy old-time radio doesn't have that episode. However, from the ones i've actually heard, Frank's funniest was also his least remembered. Ronald and Benita Colman were out to dinner with Jack and Mary on the radio version. The IRS was wanting to know how Jack could only spend a small amount at a ritzy expensive restaurant. Colman did a flashback and who should be the waitor but Frank Nelson. At every turn Frank insulted Jack by confronting him with outrageous comments like the time Frank asked Jack if he wanted to know the difference between male and female oysters...during the same scene Frank comments on Jack's dirty hands and suggests a finger bowl. What did me in and makes me laugh everytime is when Jack announces he wants to pay the check and Frank stands there. Jack yells: "i told you i wanted to pay the check" Frank says: "I know...i heard you!" and Jack snaps: "well, why are you standing there?" and Frank says: "the photographer isn't ready yet!!". Jack and Frank get into a fight and Jack accuses the place of having "dirty linen" and Frank shouts: "well, you do them for us Wong Fu!" and then Jack gets even madder yelling about the table cloth and Frank screams: "don't you stamp your tennis shoes at me!!"....we're being painted a picture of a ritzy upper-class restaurant and Jack appears poorly dressed (an earlier joke makes reference that the Tuxedo that Jack is wearing belongs to Ronald Colman, the dinner guest, that Jack hadn't returned!!) anyway, when Frank yelled about the tennis shoes, i howled with laughter and to me that's Frank's funniest episode. A runner up is an episode when he accuses Jack of rooster murder, guest starring Raymond Burr.
That IRS radio episode with Ronald and Benita was re-shot for TV with Jimmy Stewart and his wife but it was altered slightly but the same premise was used.

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