Jell-O is uncanny (and no can required)

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Posted ByLL on October 02, 2003 at 21:42:50:

I think of myself as one who is not really influenced by commercials. However, if someone has a particularly bad or offensive commercial, I will avoid the product (has anyone else noticed how shampoo commercials seem to all be bordering on X-rated? But I digress...).

I have been using my extensive commute time to listen to Jack Benny programs in order. I was driving out to one of our sites near Sacramento today, so brought a larger stash of shows. After nearly 3 hours (round trip) of 1930s shows, I simply had to make a specific stop at the grocery store for six boxes of Jell-O. Almost picked up the ingredients of one of Don's recipes (orange Jell-O, whipped cream, and orange marmalade). Don's pitches were driving me nuts and making my mouth water. Now I have strawberry Jell-O setting up in my fridge.

I'm used to hearing one or two shows and not reacting to commercials, but it's amazing how the pitches build up and become an unbelievably strong suggestion when you listen to multiple ones over a short period of time. I know others have reported this as well, but I had never so completely experienced it until now.

By the way, do the 3-ounce boxes of Jell-O still come only in the six delicious flavors? The newer ones (grape, pineapple, peach, etc.) appear to only come in the larger boxes. Or perhaps my store only stocks the original six in the small size.


P.S. The side of the strawberry Jell-O box had instructions for molding "fruits or vegetables". Vegetables in strawberry Jell-O? Not since I left the midwest. C.f. The Gallery of Regrettable Food


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