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Posted ByMichael on October 17, 2003 at 20:33:52:

In Reply to: Re: McCarthy and the Hollywood Blacklist posted byTanya Shaw on October 13, 2003 at 19:46:45:

: I did my college thesis on the affects McCarthyism had on the entertainment industry. I found out some really interesting things about the HUAC (House of UnAmerican Activities Committee). One being the fact that some entertainers were blacklisted because they subscribed to the Consumer Reports magazine. Others were blacklisted simply because their names were similar to other entertainers who were members of the Communist Party.
: I know it's a shame what happened 50 years ago. But I think people today (ones who were too young to remember or people who were not born yet) tend to be too judgemental when it comes to entertainers such as Elia Kazan. We don't know what they experienced, how paranoid everyone was unless we really take the time out to learn about it. I was touched when I saw Warren Beatty and Kurt Russell so warmly stand in ovation for Elia Kazan when he received his life time achievement Oscar a couple of years ago. I think young people today should take the time out to learn about what people were feeling back during the 1950s and should be more forgiving towards those who were perhaps just trying to keep their jobs and livelihoods such as Kazan.
: It's the popular thing these days to look down on people who reported names of Communists or suspected Communists. But what people today forget about is the fact that the Communist Regime was a real threat back 50 years ago. They forget about the cruelties of Stalin and Bay of Pigs Invasion. That's why some Americans did what they did.

: Tanya Shaw

I did my College Thesis on the same general topic... and thoroughly agree with what you are saying!

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