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Posted Byjerry4opry on December 28, 2003 at 01:32:01:

In Reply to: More On Jack's "Real Life" Humor posted byGerry O. on December 27, 2003 at 07:41:49:

: : : like Bob Newhart, who has described himself as low-key and not the life of the party, Jack i'd imagine was the guy at the party who'd keep to himself unless someone called on him for something...the total opposite of the "party-crashing" character that caused so much misery for the Colman's through the years!

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: Hmmm...I think that the comparison of Jack to Bob Newhart is an excellent one....and the close friendship of Jack with the more outgoing George Burns is very similar to the close real-life friendship of Bob Newhart with Don Rickles (a LOT of people can't figure THAT friendship out!).

: What has endured over the years are people's comments regarding what a true gentleman Jack was, and how much he was loved by just about everyone who knew him.
: I enjoy hearing the stories about how at various Hollywood house parties, the men would all be gathered in the kitchen or some other room talking about sports, the Friars' Club and similar "guy" topics...but Jack would be found sitting in the living room, drinking coffee and chatting with the ladies...and letting them know that what THEY had to say was important too!

THAT sounds like something I would do! i watch baseball and football too...but i don't like to make a party out of it. it's just me, a plate full of junk food, and the TV (i'm not married so i can get away with it!) work the next day while many of the guys are yukking it up over a touch-down run or a home-run that i also seen, i prefer to keep to myself and listen to their exaggerations of the on-field action! i brought up Newhart because in a TV Guide story from 1990 when his second TV show ended, he said that he tried to model his schtick in the mold of Jack Benny and let his co-stars have the punch-lines. Whether he was Bob Hartley getting no respect from Mr. Carlin or secretary Carol in the first hit show or Dick Loudon getting treated like a 'square' by the so-called "hip" yuppie visitors to the Stratford Inn, Newhart's 'character' was always the butt of the jokes in reverence to Jack. something else some might not know, in a Biography that A&E did on Newhart, Suzanne Pleshette said that Jack Benny's death was the first time he ever shown sadness to anyone on the set and according to her he actually came close to crying during rehearsals.

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